RunCam Owl Camera Mount

When I began working on my QAV 180 yesterday, I was disappointed to find that the RunCam Owl (Low light, mini FPV board camera) was too large to fit the stock camera mount included in the QAV 180 frame. However, the Owl fits perfectly on the frame itself... Which got my mental gears turning.
30 minutes later, I whipped up a design for a mount. The way I designed it, I can easily pop out different degrees of tilt. This particular print and design is a 20* tilt, about normal for what I'm used to flying. I've also drawn up mounts in incriments of 5* from 10* to 25*.
Here you can see how it fits in the rear. Good fit for a first print!
The slot underneath the camera is meant as a channel to run a mini-ziptie through. You may have to use two for a more secure mount. I've got several designs for the bottom as well - Flat, for use with double sided foam as a mount, or with a nub for slotting into the QAV frame.
You can click the image above, or HERE, to download the .STL for FREE and print your own mount!

To simply download other people's work off the internet and print it is to use your printer as a toy. The real joy and use of a 3d printer comes from designing your own parts to fit a particular need. I couldn't be more satisfied with how well this turned out for a short project. Thanks for reading!

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