ZMR250 20* FPV Camera Mount (Free STL for 3d printing)

Recently I've been rebuilding my FPV250 into a ZMR frame. I wanted to mount my FPV camera at about a 20* angle for fast flight, and how better to do that than to fire up my 3d printer?
 The design took less than an hour, and the print took about 30 minutes. Simple and to the point!
 Double sided foam tape ended up being my mounting technique, I didn't even bother trying to screw it in. So far, so good. The top plate protects the camera, but isn't quite in the camera's field of view. I'm pretty pleased.
Pardon the wires!
If you've got your own 3d printer, and want to take a crack at printing this file, click above (or here). This is free, for non-commercial use.
If you don't have access to a 3d printer, or would like to help out my site, you can buy a printed mount on Shapeways.

Thanks for viewing!

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