V-Ship Hexacopter Frame - 3d printed!

 I've had the parts to put together a "mini" (~300mm) hexacopter for a while now. After firing up the trusty ol' 3d printer, a few hours later I had this sucker.
 Common credit-card style card for scale. It comes out to about 18 inches long, and 8 inches wide. This design is pretty obscure and unique. Two rotors point down, two up, and the rear two rotors form a V-shape, giving the frame it's name. I don't expect it to be particularly efficient, but it should be pretty cool!
 This is the image off the thingiverse page. All credit for the 3d model and design goes to Philsson. He has a bunch of other multirotor-type designs, be sure to check them out!
A view of what's to come. Hobbyking's "Baby Beast v2" motors. I think they're 2208s.


eBay Gimbal a few Months Later

After a few months of hiatus, I'm back. Hopefully the first of many videos, this here is the 6 months of use update on the cheapo ebay gimbal I got in February. Check it out!