X-Wing 3d print

 Before work the other day, I started up an X-Wing print. Around lunch I stopped by to check, and walked in right as it finished the last few layers. Perfect timing!
On the build plate. The s-foils (wings) are so thin, and therefore very fragile. It took quite a while to get this sucker off the build plate.
 I managed to snap the nose off just behind the cockpit, trying to pull the front off the build plate. Moral of the story? Be really careful removing prints, or you'll regret it.
 The lasers became easily another weakpoint on this model. The printer simply doesn't have the resolution to accurately print them, much less print them strongly. I also broke off one of the lasers during removal.
 The print looks pretty smooth, though.
 Here you can see the damaged laser cannon.
 Especially apparent here is the low resolution of the laser cannons.
 That build seam is ugly, but much easier to assemble then a bunch of smaller pieces with support!
The arms are waaaay too thin, and have begun to crack. I'll have to scale it up and print again.

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