Test Prints (Glow in the Dark!)

 After picking up my 3d printer yesterday, I printed a few tests to show off. Needless to say, they came out spectacularly.
 The hand came on an SD card from Wanhao (the printer manufacturer), and the other prints on the side are common test prints. The boat is called "3d Benchy: The Jolly 3d Printer Torture Test". It's designed to be a benchmarking utility, allowing people to print a common model with difficult geometry, to check how well tuned their printer is. The owl is just an owl. Hoot.
 I'm most pleased with the print quality of the hand, but I suppose Wanhao wouldn't have shipped a file if they knew it would come out poorly!
Lights on...
Lights off!
 Rear view
Thanks for taking a look. Hopefully I'll be updating this site more regularly with 3d printed creations. If you have suggestions, drop them in the comments below!

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