Got a 3d Printer! Wanhao Duplicator i3

 It's here! It's finally here! I ordered a Wanhao Duplicator i3 (A Reprap Prusa i3 variant) about a month ago, and waited for the actual release on June 15th, then two-three weeks of shipping woes. WanhaoUSA managed to oversell their stock, and some shipping issues contributed to the slow delivery time. Oh well, it's finally here! The Duplicator i3 is a full metal frame variant of the Prusa as I mentioned above. Most Prusa I3s come as a kit, or with wood/acrylic frames. I live in a high humidity environment, so wood was a poor choice. Acrylic is known to bend, and considering that 3d printers get quite hot, it seemed like a poor choice for frame material as well. This printer hits a sweet spot - Low(ish) price of $360, heated bed for printing ABS (like Legos are made of), and full metal frame. It comes nearly 100% assembled as well, so all it really takes is a little fiddling to get it working.
 Assembly was a fairly quick process, just had to screw together the frame. Six bolts in total. I spent more time trying to level the bed and load filament than I did actually assembling the darn thing.
 First print complete! After taking a few minutes to admire this sucker, I sent a second print job to the printer. It's jamming out an FPV monitor stand for my Taranis.
 The print quality is excellent. High fidelity for sure. This model was printed directly from the SD card Wanhao includes in your order - Layer height of .2mm, heated bed at 45*c, and hot end at 196*c. Printed in silver PLA from Fry's Electronics.
 I'm super pleased with the results. After I took these pictures, I realized that the raft simply snaps off.
Hope you enjoyed this post! I plan to print mostly multirotor-related items, but if you have suggestions for future prints be sure to drop them in the comments!

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