Drainage Ditch Divers - FPV Aerobatics

Like my last video, this is leftover FPV250 footage that hadn't found a home yet. This was shot the day before Easter, just zipping around a containment pond.
The audio has some little errors, but on the whole I'm pleased.

LSU Aerial Trick Tour

This video is a compilation of FPV250 shots over the course of Spring 2015. Due to work and school I hadn't had much of an opportunity to edit it all together until recently! Most of these shots haven't been uploaded before.
Enjoy! Lemme know what you think in the comments!


Dirt Mounds - Aerial Exploration

I took this footage back in April, but just got around to editing it. Nice, relaxing FPV flight. The area probably flooded out pretty hard during the May storms.
The footage is a bit shakey, but I'm looking into better software to stabilize it. Hope you enjoy!