Exploring East End

During some of my time off, I explored a local park by quadcopter. I only got through one battery pack before the gopro battery died, but it was pretty neat to see an overhead view of an area I've run through many, many times. I finally rigged up my no-name eBay gimbal to my transmitter, allowing the camera pitch and roll to be modified by twisting knobs. I'll post a video about that wiring later. Spoiler alert, it's stupid easy. At any rate, enjoy the video!
As I get more time and fly more, I'll post more. So far, these past few weeks have been pretty productive! I have a few days of flight (and crash) video I'm sitting on, waiting to make a compilation video. Some of the footage isn't amazing on it's own, but definitely merits a place in a montage.

Until next time, take care!

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