LSU Chancellor's Day 2015 - Garrison Flag

Each spring the LSU Corps of Cadets raises a Garrison flag over the Parade ground - A massive flag, in preparation for Chancellor's Day. The Corps of Cadets assembles on the Parade Ground, and performs a ceremonial "pass and review" for the Chancellor and assorted guests. The flag is so massive that it takes about ten people to carry it.
This video highlights some of the landmarks of LSU. The Camponelli Bell Tower is a memorial to LSU Alumni who lost their lives fighting in World War I. The flag and concrete structure below it are known as the LSU War Memorial, dedicated to the LSU alumni who were killed, or missing in action.

On a personal note, this video is a series of "Firsts". Due to heavy (17mph) winds, I've tried to work in video stabilization. I think that might have dropped the visual quality a little bit, but it at least makes the video more watchable. Every now and then bigger gusts still have caused a jump or two in the footage.

The music is "National Emblem" by the United States Army Concert Band.

Thanks for watching!

LSU UREC Construction Exploration

LSU has recently torn apart the gym, and fenced off the area. So, I took an aerial look around!


Lawndart MKII - FT Versa Wing Build

This is not a video I'm proud of. I built a brand, shiney new Versa Wing, and proceed to slam it into the ground about 12 times over.


Spring 2015 Quadcopter Crash Compilation

I busted my FPV250 frame earlier this week, so I can't really put up any new videos. Luckily, I've got tons of crash footage for ya!


Exploring East End

During some of my time off, I explored a local park by quadcopter. I only got through one battery pack before the gopro battery died, but it was pretty neat to see an overhead view of an area I've run through many, many times. I finally rigged up my no-name eBay gimbal to my transmitter, allowing the camera pitch and roll to be modified by twisting knobs. I'll post a video about that wiring later. Spoiler alert, it's stupid easy. At any rate, enjoy the video!
As I get more time and fly more, I'll post more. So far, these past few weeks have been pretty productive! I have a few days of flight (and crash) video I'm sitting on, waiting to make a compilation video. Some of the footage isn't amazing on it's own, but definitely merits a place in a montage.

Until next time, take care!

Stupid Flips - Aerobatics

Spring is here - More accurately, Spring break. I've managed to bust my FPV250 a whopping times in just the first weekend... Pilot error and cockiness. Oh well, spare parts are on the slow boat from China! Check out the video:
Enjoy! Up next, we've got some stuff about gimbal control, then perhaps a tricopter and plane build.