Death Star Trench Run - FPV250 Naze32 testing

It was a dark and stormy day in Louisiana. I have just gotten a new tip for my soldering iron, and was able to solder together all the pins on my Naze32. After finally wiring everything up, and tuning it a little, everything was ready to fly... Except it was one giant puddle outside. Luckily, the LSU campus has quite a few (mostly) dry, large enclosed areas. This particular video is a bit of an early peek at all the footage from today. I felt that the Battle of Yavin theme was especially appropriate for these fast and narrow runs through the animal pens.
Forgive the massive wobbles, I'm still trying to tune the Naze board. Obviously I still have some work to do!
If you liked this video, more and similar footage will be available later this week, as I have time to edit it. Thanks for watching!

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