Breakin' Stuff in the LSU Quadrangle

Walking out of class the other day, I saw an oak tree which seemed to be bending off to one side, with plenty of little gaps in the branches. I knew I had to fly through it. How'd it end up? Well, the video wasn't named "Breakin' Stuff" for nothing! Check it out:
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eBay Gimbal Test

Last week I picked up a no-name gimbal on eBay. I've heard plenty of buzz both good and bad about them. I think I was lucky enough to pick up a good one! Check out the video:
There's some lovely high-altitude shots of LSU's campus in this video as well, from the Quad. Some of you may recognize it from the movie Pitch Perfect.


Flyin' Tiger Shirt

I've been testing out some features in Photoshop I haven't used before. The above picture is a 90% representation of the finished product. If you're interested in buying one, you can get one here!


CardellaTK Store

As you may have noticed, there's now a link to the Cardella.TK Store in the navigation bar. But what does the store sell?

TShirts, for the most part. Most of it's just promotional taglines and logos, so far.
There are a few humorous ones, though. 
I intend to continue adding to the selection, with more artsy designs that have a wider appeal to the multirotor community. If you have an idea, or a shirt you'd like to see, just let me know and I'll do my best to make it.