Tarot 680 Pro Hexacopter FPV Camera Mount (Free STL for 3d printing)

While building up a Tarot 680Pro, I realized I didn't want to rely on just a gopro or larger camera for FPV. I wanted to be able to switch between a main recording camera (something high quality, like a Sony Nex5n) and a few board cameras. Enter the design process for the file above.
This design fits full size Sony 600TVL board cameras, fairly common and inexpensive for FPV. It mounts by slipping onto the vibration-isolated rails that many people mount gimbals or batteries to. Several other multirotor designs use similar mounting systems (10mm carbon tubes, spaced 60mm apart) - The HMF S680, HMF S550, as well as the Tarot 680, Tarot 690, Tarot FY680 etc.
 I recommend printing the mount nose-down with supports. The print will take about an hour, depending on if you print the long or blunt nose model. Most FPV cameras will only require the blunt nose.
 Long nose model mounted.
 Blunt nose model mounted. White specks are where I snapped off the raft it was printed on - Sandpaper can fix that.
And a shot on the printbed!
If you have access to a 3d printer, click above (or here) to download both versions of the FPV camera mount. 
If you don't have a 3d printer, or would like to help out the site, click above (or here) to buy one!

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ZMR250 20* FPV Camera Mount (Free STL for 3d printing)

Recently I've been rebuilding my FPV250 into a ZMR frame. I wanted to mount my FPV camera at about a 20* angle for fast flight, and how better to do that than to fire up my 3d printer?
 The design took less than an hour, and the print took about 30 minutes. Simple and to the point!
 Double sided foam tape ended up being my mounting technique, I didn't even bother trying to screw it in. So far, so good. The top plate protects the camera, but isn't quite in the camera's field of view. I'm pretty pleased.
Pardon the wires!
If you've got your own 3d printer, and want to take a crack at printing this file, click above (or here). This is free, for non-commercial use.
If you don't have access to a 3d printer, or would like to help out my site, you can buy a printed mount on Shapeways.

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V-Ship Hexacopter Frame - 3d printed!

 I've had the parts to put together a "mini" (~300mm) hexacopter for a while now. After firing up the trusty ol' 3d printer, a few hours later I had this sucker.
 Common credit-card style card for scale. It comes out to about 18 inches long, and 8 inches wide. This design is pretty obscure and unique. Two rotors point down, two up, and the rear two rotors form a V-shape, giving the frame it's name. I don't expect it to be particularly efficient, but it should be pretty cool!
 This is the image off the thingiverse page. All credit for the 3d model and design goes to Philsson. He has a bunch of other multirotor-type designs, be sure to check them out!
A view of what's to come. Hobbyking's "Baby Beast v2" motors. I think they're 2208s.


eBay Gimbal a few Months Later

After a few months of hiatus, I'm back. Hopefully the first of many videos, this here is the 6 months of use update on the cheapo ebay gimbal I got in February. Check it out!


Tie Interceptor 3d prints

 A pair of prints from last week - Tie Interceptors. The Empire's agile answer to the Rebel A-Wing.

 The glow in the dark filament is excellent for glowing, but poor at showing detail. As such, a grey model was necessary as well
 Great detail. Slightly smaller scale than the X-Wing and Tie Advanced I printed before
 The major downfall of this print is the raft design on the side of the wing. As the model is sliced and the raft is printed, it can be difficult to determine how many layers to pull off, resulting in a gap between the wings.
 Rear shot. Such a cool little ship.
 Same thing, but ghostly white.


Glowing Crystal

Today's print: A glowing crystal!
Be sure to check out the video.
 The glow really adds to the print. It elicits thoughts of Kryptonite, radiation, or maybe magic.
 Hatchbox 1.75mm PLA is pretty good stuff. I prefer silver for detail prints, but this is precisely the sort of print that warrants a bit of glow to it.
 On the buildplate, brim removed.
And the obligatory spin. Lemme know what you think!


X-Wing 3d print

 Before work the other day, I started up an X-Wing print. Around lunch I stopped by to check, and walked in right as it finished the last few layers. Perfect timing!
On the build plate. The s-foils (wings) are so thin, and therefore very fragile. It took quite a while to get this sucker off the build plate.
 I managed to snap the nose off just behind the cockpit, trying to pull the front off the build plate. Moral of the story? Be really careful removing prints, or you'll regret it.
 The lasers became easily another weakpoint on this model. The printer simply doesn't have the resolution to accurately print them, much less print them strongly. I also broke off one of the lasers during removal.
 The print looks pretty smooth, though.
 Here you can see the damaged laser cannon.
 Especially apparent here is the low resolution of the laser cannons.
 That build seam is ugly, but much easier to assemble then a bunch of smaller pieces with support!
The arms are waaaay too thin, and have begun to crack. I'll have to scale it up and print again.

"Gator the Waiter" print

Tonight's print is "Gator the Waiter", printed from mknippen's post on Thingiverse.
 I really like doing these little animations to give y'all a full 360* view of the model.
 The detail is pretty clean on here. It's standing up, and has it's tail wrapped around the right leg.
Hope you like it!


3d Printed Tie Advanced X1 - Darth Vader's Personal Tie Fighter

One of my first large-scale, detailed prints: Darth Vader's Tie Advanced X1.
I was really pleased with the details included in this model.
The scale is actually pretty big - The print is approximately 8 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 5 inches tall. 
The build was completed in two parts, and it was sliced down the center of the cockpit.
The front of the Tie actually had to be printed twice, due to warping on the print-bed. The PLA wasn't properly pre-heated which caused the wings to curl slightly off the bed.

Here you can see the degree of warping.
And the flat build. Oh, so flat, so nice.

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