Huge Air Cannon WIP!

This here is the progress I've made on a huge air cannon. This big bunch of PVC is just the air chamber and valve for a 4" piston valve air cannon, designed to launch Nerf Mega Aero Howler footballs. These suckers have 3 whistles in them, and sound like indirect fire raining down when they're fired. Super cool.


Second print, AK STANAG Adapter

Howdy folks, I know many of you have been chomping at the bit for updates on this adapter. After people started saying I was inactive, I knew it was time to make a new video. I've been very busy with multiple jobs (Teaching wilderness survival out in the boonies), and now I'm back at college (where they frown on having mock assault rifles). So I cobbled this video together from the various pictures I snapped before I left for school, and crappy cell-phone video from the day I got it hot off the printer. The fit is just a little loose (listen for the rattling when I shake it), and tight in the receiver, but stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for reading!


AK STANAG mag adapter update!

I've finally gotten around to updating the design of my airsoft AK mag adapter to include an integral mag catch. For those of you that don't know, this would allow Tokyo Marui-style AK AEGs to use TM-compatible M4 magazines. This accessory would help people who would like to use an AK, but have an abundance of M4 mags and few AK magazines. Or, maybe you'd just like to westernize your rifle. The project has also served as a test of my university's 3d printer, and a challenge to my fledgling CAD skills. Since the first version, I have smoothed out the design a little. This newer design uses a living hinge for the magazine catch, so it may end up being a disposable model. Future versions may include a standard M4/M16 mag release if this design doesn't work out, but being able to print a flexible mag catch really cuts down on the costs associated with finding extra hardware.. This model took hours of refining and hours more of repairing some poor CAD-work on my part, much to my dismay. In the end, I've learned quite a bit about Solidworks, and I am quite pleased with the design.

My local 3d printer is tied up with a 75 hour print (!), but I should be able to get the print process started by Monday morning, and perhaps pick up the finished model Tuesday or Wednesday. It is the Exams season, so please forgive me for slow updates.

As a bonus, my project "Cowboy Rifle", a franken-ak made from JG and CYMA parts, as well as some aftermarket parts, and of course my very own AK mag adapter prototype. I personally really like the angle that the mag is inserted at, and makes the rifle that much more comfortable and familiar for me to use. AK purists, howya like that?

These adapters aren't available for purchase yet, but if you let me know you are interested I can start looking into  how to produce larger quantities.

So what do you think? Love it, hate it? Would you buy one?


Fightin' Cardys!

Every now and then, you just need a morale boost. This little Notre Dame Irishman-esque trooper will do nicely for that, in addition to serving as a site mascot.