Expanded Camo Tests

 As a sort of amateur camouflage uniform collector, I've been curious about the effectiveness of each pattern in my hometown. So one day I packed up a backpack with all the cammies I had, and rucked out to the woods. Here you can see the various camouflage uniforms in the woods. I was able to include some rare camouflage, such as vegetato, alpenflage, and CADPAT. I'll let you, the viewers, be the judge of the most effective patterns!
From left to right: Italian Vegetato, M81 Woodland, CADPAT, German Flecktarn, Multicam, Alpenflage, and Tiger Stripe.


Air Cannon/Nerf football launcher, now with video

 Yesterday was the second time I took my air cannon out for a whirl. With a couple friends and a couple cameras, I was able to get video (including slow motion shots) or shots, as well as a test of the experimental whistler RPG-style rounds.

This was my first chance to play with video and 240 fps slow-motion on my new camera, and I was pretty pleased with the results. The videos will be more common as I get better with Youtube and my equipment, and as time allows.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Would you like to see milsim (AT4 or RPG style) air cannons? Keep checking back for updates.