WTS: Joytech HDMI Trilink Switcher

Hey readers, today I'm trying to sell a Joytech HDMI Trilink Switcher. Three HDMI cables in, one goes to your TV, and you can switch back and forth. There's even a nifty plastic bag, which should not be used as a toy.

Buy the sweet plastic bag, including it's contents, here.


WTB: Crosman Airmag M50 - CO2 Micro Uzi

Hello readers. Today I need some help tracking down an old airsoft gun, the Crosman Airmag M50. It's a MicroUzi replica, utilizing CO2. If you have one to sell, drop me a line through the contact page above. Price negotiable. It has to work, and have a magazine. Whether it's clear or black, modded or not isn't of much importance, besides the price I'll pay out for it.

Thanks, and good hunting!


Rap4 Fusion BDU Cadpat & Vegetato Review

 At long last, I received the camo I ordered back in May! I ordered two uniforms, CADPAT and Vegetato. Pictured above is RAP4's Vegetato (Italian Camo) Fusion BDU. It's a little different than issue gear, as I'll detail:
 First off, the cut is similar to ACUs, but not identical. First and foremost, the sizing is different. I'm a Medium Regular for issue gear, but RAP4's Fusion BDUs apparently run small, so  I had to return my order and get a larger size. This is an expensive pain, and takes quite a while, so be sure to order exactly what you need if you're going to buy from RAP4.

Most of the features echo those of the ACU, but instead of a zipper closure on the jacket, it uses buttons like BDUs. These buttons are also in a different position than BDU buttons, enhancing the feeling of it being a differently cut jacket.
 The arm's features are all rotated forward slightly, and I feel like the pocket is at a more vertical angle than issue ACUs. The velcro is also a little too blue of a green to match the uniform. The arm pocket is a pretty accurate copy of an ACU pocket, down to the pull tabs. The left arm features a 3 pen pocket. There's also elbow reinforcements, and velcro cuff adjustments.
 ACU style Name/rank/organizational velcro comes installed. I will be taking this off, because extra velcro becomes useless after excessive washing, and I don't have rank to attach to it. In the near future, this will be getting "CARDELLA" name tape, and "REGULAR GUY" sewed directly on. The chest pockets are just like issue ACUs.
 The collar is mandarin-style, complete with velcro closure. Due to the design of the ACU (Aka, a problem with all ACU cut jackets, not just RAP4's iteration) is that this velcro makes the collar hard to lay down without looking wonky.
 Here are the buttons described before. I'm going to see what I can do about replacing these with a zipper.
 Moving on to the pants, here's a calf pocket. Velcro closure, handy to have.
 I'm a big fan of the cargo pockets. The way they attach, in addition to the velcro, ensure that it will lay flat.
 View of the velcro and shock cord keeper. Not pictured, there is an excessively large cotton waist tie inside of the waistband.
 The butt pockets are button closure. I prefer velcro butt pockets, but you can't win every time. Replacing the buttons with velcro is a quick home fix, so it's not a big deal.
 I wanted to get a detailed picture of some of the plastic components, and the fabric. The plastic feels cheap, and has mold lines. The buttons are shorter/thinner than the kind of buttons you find on issue gear, and are a lower quality plastic. Once again, it's not the end of the world.

The fabric is a 65/35 Cotton/polyester blend. That's a higher cotton content than issue military uniforms, commonly found in 50/50 Nylon cotton blends. As a result, the fabric is very flexible, and feels pretty robust. The ripstop squares are a little smaller than issue gear.
 The CADPAT uniform is my favorite, out of the two. I like the novelty of having the pattern (A clone, anyway) the Army's UCP was based on.
 I'm a big fan of the colors present in this uniform. It practically begs to be used in the woods at night, with such a dark green color palette.
 With an old RAID BDU top on top, you can tell that the RAP4 Fusion BDU tapers at the waist, where the old BDU flares out. I prefer the cut of the old BDUs.
 A comparison of the three woodland patterns. I have not had a chance to take test pictures in the woods, but I think Vegetato will be most effective in daylight woodland, but a giveaway at night. Compared to real-deal Vegetato, I think this clone has more highlights. The CADPAT seems well suited to overcast, rainy weather, and night woodland. Each provide a little more visual flair than the M81 Woodland of the old BDUs, for fashion-conscious camouflage hobbyists.
And finally, some Cardella swag. Gotta love the old OD name tape.

So here's what it comes down to: The RAP4 Fusion BDUs are pretty much ACUs that fit small, and a little differently. Should you buy them? If you want CADPAT or Vegetato in a reasonably familiar platform they are not a bad buy, though they could be improved. $50 per pair is a hard price to beat, especially in such unique patterns.