Rap4 Fusion BDU First Impressions and Review

 A couple weeks ago I placed an order for two sets of Rap4 Fusion BDUs, in Flecktarn and Vegetato ("Italian Camo", on their website). After a week and a half, these arrived on my doorstep. The fit is different than standard BDUs or ACUs. The cut is visibly similar to ACUs, but has buttons like BDUs. The sizing is also off, so if you buy these BE SURE to check the sizing chart. Mine are currently being exchanged for the proper sizes.
 Here's a comparison of the clone Flecktarn and an old Fleck jacket I have. Granted the jacket may have faded out a little, but I feel like it's a good copy. The colors  appear to be a little better suited to my area than the real deal Flecktarn, too.
 The two packaged jackets on the forest floor near my house. They're still packaged because I needed them intact to return them. Fleck appears too dark, but Vegetato appears to be a good fit. If possible, I'd like to exchange the Flecktarn for Cadpat. A note on the fabric - It's a thicker material than standard 50/50 NYCO ripstop uniforms, but doesn't feel as stiff as 65/35 NYCO "Battlerip". The Flecktarn is also printed on a white base fabric, where as the real deal Fleck has a dark green base fabric.
 Holding up the Vegetato to compare against the  background. That's a pretty faithful copy. The highlights are a little brighter and more frequent than real deal Vegetato, but the uniform should perform just fine.
The Flecktarn appears to match the pine needles littering the ground very well. Come fall, this pattern will be a real godsend.

Final thoughts: Be sure to order the appropriate size from Rap4 if you purchase one of their clone uniforms. Medium Regular is NOT the same as Rap4 Medium Regular, so be sure to check out their sizing chart. On their website you can pick up a pack of both shirt and pants for a discount over buying the parts individually, so give that a look. When I receive my replacements, I'll have a more hands-on review.

Also, don't forget to bid on my M4 on ebay here. I really appreciate the help, and have a nice day!

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