Buildlog: Nerf M41A Pulse Rifle WIP, Lots of Nerf Kit

This weekend has been a riot for me. It's like second childhood. The Nerf guns you see above I got off Craigslist for $75 - About 50% off. They all seem to be stock and in more or less good working condition, except for the darts. The Vulcan seems to only spit darts about ten feet, though. If anyone knows what's wrong with that, drop me a line in the comment box below, please. I even managed to resell some of these guns to help cover the costs. This lot includes my second Stampede. I'm a big fan of the original design - Automatic, full sized... Reminiscent of a real rifle. The ridiculous amounts of ammo and high capacity magazines makes it even better. I've seen Minimized Stampedes, and even an M41A Pulse Rifle Nerf build. I like the looks of both, and plan to emulate the latter project. I found another good build thread, which also uses the Longshot front gun.
 For those of you unfamiliar with the M41A Pulse Rifle, it is one of the most famous weapons in Science Fiction. First appearing in the movie Aliens, it has been copied and cameod in all types of movies, and even The Simpsons. I would highly recommend Aliens to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

First cut I did on the Stampede took out the battery compartment, and was done with a Dremel. These pictures are from my cell phone camera, as I didn't want to get the grime of the garage into my camera. The blue tape was to hold the two halves of the gun together - I replaced them with rubberbands not long after this picture was taken. My dremel work was pretty sloppy, so I swapped over to the scroll saw.
The overall size and weight decrease is substantial - The result is only a little larger than a Maverick. Unfortunately, the stock battery tray no longer works with the holder cut out - I plan to use 9V battery connectors to create a custom battery pack, because I have a surplus of them laying around. The stock batteries weigh quite a bit, and make up roughly half the weight of the gun, and throw the center of balance completely off.
Here's a cluttered shot of my minimized stampede with a 35 round Raider drum. Note the rubber bands to hold it together. I'll post a comparison of the minimized Stampede along with a Maverick, and stock Stampede.

Upcoming for the Pulse Rifle - I need to make a Pulse Rifle shroud. Pepakura or homemade out of plastic are my two ideas. The Longshot Front Gun appears to be just the ticket for the underslung grenade launcher, so I am going to grab one off ebay. Updates will be posted as they happen.

Next up on today's workbench is a Nite-Finder and Jolt integration, ala EIK. I started looking at his stuff because of the awesome paintjobs, but I like the mods as well. Both the Nite Finder and Jolt are slightly modded. The Jolt had the barrel post pulled out with some needle nosed pliers, which allows it to fire Stefans (Homemade darts). The barrel fit is quite tight on my stefans, so it gets surprising (Nearly frightening) ranges, with properly weighted darts. It is truly the nerf embodiment of Men in Black's Noisy Cricket. The Nite-Finder has the post and air restrictor taken out. I need to foam the plunger head, and probably re-grease the cylinder.
For any aspiring modders out there, here's a wonderful trick. Trace whatever you're disassembling on a piece of paper, and then stick the screws you take out of your item into the paper. That way, if you have multiple lengths of screws you won't lose them, and you'll be able to tell where they go.

The light and electronics have been removed. Hopefully they'll find their way into another project. I need some epoxy to finish the Nite-Jolt integration, so stay tuned for updates.

So that's the state of things. Let me know what you think in the comics, and have a good day!

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  1. Nobody commented on this lol but the Vulcan just sucks. That's all it shoots at.