The State of Things: Salem Mask, Youtube, Chainmail

I have been receiving a great deal of emails about my Salem mask lately. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the file. I am not quite sure what happened to the download, either. If any of my readers still has a copy saved, please go ahead and send it to me, or leave a download link in the comments. I'll make a new post about it for everyone.

However, I do have a solution. Here is a link to an improved file. However, this is not my file. All credit goes to Alien Technology Studio, the creator of the Pep file. I must say, they did a better job at the Army of Two mask than I did. Happy building.

Second on the lineup: As with summer 2010, I am hoping to revitalize this site. I'm looking into renaming and getting a proper domain name, as well as starting a Youtube series. How tos, reviews, and the like would all be covered.

As I was reviewing the post "A New Beginning", I noticed I didn't follow up very well on my list of to-dos. Here's a quick rundown of how that played out:
  • Chain Maile (Soda can tabs, possibly actual rings later) - I have two videos - (Vid 1) (Vid 2). These were uploaded so my Uncle could take a look at what I was doing, and offer suggestions. I ended up getting Aviation snips, and making about a 1 foot by 2 foot section of European 4 in 1 pattern maile.
  • Great Helm (Sheet metal) - Cardboard template made, never a metal version
  • Ghillie Suit - Check it out!
  • Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade (Aluminum, Leather) - Sitting in pieces on my workbench. No plans to complete.
  • IWB Holster (Leather) - I completed a Pancake Holster, and quite like it. I also created a revolver holster.
  • Messenger bag (Black Canvas, green nylon) - I completed a prototype summer 2010. I have a post about this just about ready to publish.
  • Pepakura Helmets (Halo CQB, Recon, ODST) - The CQB helmet is the closest to completion... And that's not saying very much.
  • Painted/Modded Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Rifle - No plans to complete. I did mod some Buzz  Bee Double Shots, though.
  • 3Ds Max tests - My 3d modeling has shifted from artsy 3d models to CAD drawings for college. 
My upcoming projects are most likely to include the following, not in any particular order:
  •  Airsoft Gas guns
    • RPG shooting full-size Nerf Vortex Footballs
    • Styer AUG or Magpul PDR based non-blowback rifle, running off 12G CO2 cartridges
    • 40MM Grenade Launcher Pistol - I designed a version of this as one of my engineering class's final exams.
  • Combat Shirt Prototypes
    • Cut & Modded surplus BDUs and undershirts, like an updated version of this.
    • Completely homemade, custom pattern. A few prototypes in off-the wall colors will make an interesting post.
  • More PT caps, in different colors.
  • Ghillie suits
    • 3 Ghillie Capes, one in tan, one in green, and one brown. I designed a pattern which allows these to be easily cut and created.
If there is anything specific you would like to see, drop me a line in the comments. I have had one youtuber request more pep files. I will see what I can do about that.

That wraps up the current state of things. Have a good one, readers.

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