Airsoft 40MM Grenade Launcher Pistol

 As part of my final exam for one of my first Mechanical Engineering classes, I had to redesign something. I more or less made an airsoft 40mm Grenade Pistol. This was a group project, but I ended up doing about 90% of the work. 
The barrel is long enough to accommodate a nerf football loaded backwards. When fired, the nerf football would tumble until the heavier nose was flying first, resulting in stable and "correct" flight without a need for an excessively long barrel. This particular screencap was nabbed out of a 3d PDF I made of the assembly. Not as flashy or smooth as my semi-transparent Solidworks screencaps, but the ability to send it via email to nearly anyone, and have them be able to rotate it is pretty cool.
And with the handle. Simple pivot trigger. The barrel swings down. The design currently lacks a lock to keep the barrel locked closed. Velcro or magnets are a super simple way to fix that, or a simple pivot lock like on the M79. My school has a 3d printer, which could be used to produce most of the parts for this model. The only problem is that the ABS plastic they use in it costs $12 per cubic inch. That's a little rich for my blood. Shelled to about 4mm thick, this entire model minus the barrel and pins would cost ~$50. For that price, I think I will try to make one out of laminated plywood.

Program is Solidworks, in case you were wondering. Wonderful program, it's a joy to work with.

Comments, questions, concerns? Anyone want the model, or have suggestions for making it better?

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