Army PT Cap Clone

 I managed to get down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year. While out there,  I borrowed my cousin's sewing machine. To solve my lack of a non-issued winter hat, I took a tried and true design (The US Army PT Watchcap), and more or less copied it in Olive Drab. I didn't have my PT cap on hand, but I did find a nice pattern online, which is nearly identical.  The only difference is that the folded over portion is about an inch shorter. Any aspiring tailors can add an inch to the pattern, creating a perfect clone.
 My Army buddies did double takes, wondering if I had dyed the beanie. Nope, sewed it myself!
The fleece I used was less pilled than the Polartec 100 the issue cap uses. Overall, this project cost me about $2 in fleece (After winter sale at Joann's Fabric), and an hour of time. I made three. One for me, one for my cousin, and a toddler sized one out of the scrap, for a child in my cousin's home.