Green and White and Bleached all Over

I had wanted a plain shamrock t-shirt for quite some time. Drying my clothes outside over the summer I accidentally faded wrinkle lines into the shirt you see above, back when it was just a plain olive drab shirt. Sun-Bleaching. It was kind of wonky-looking, so I did not wear it very often. Then I recalled something I had seen, a bleaching tutorial by Phelyx. And then I got to work.
 I made a shamrock stencil by cutting one out of freezer paper. It's normal paper on one side, and waxy on the other. I use it for stencils on fabric, because you can iron it down. Bam, adhesive stencil. The tupperware on the shamrock is to hold it open, because it wanted to curl while I took the picture.
 All ironed on. One cool thing about cutting stencils is that you get a positive and a negative stencil. That is, one you can spray around, and one you spray into.
 A 200 ml solution of 60% water 40% bleach (Roughly) was loaded up into a spray bottle, and sprayed liberally. I have a sheet of plywood inside the shirt to make sure it doesn't bleach through to the other side. The color is a bit light at this point, but the reaction isn't complete. This picture was taken about five minutes after spraying.
 I took it off the concrete, and dried it out with an old hair-dryer. The colors are really beginning to look better. The design is almost completely undisturbed, except the section between the top two clovers. I like the spray effect; It looks like a derivative of spray paint. I sprayed it from the bottom of the shirt, so you can see the fade up. There are small drips below the shamrock. Some might call it a mistake, my excuse is that "It adds character".
Done! Go make your own! Be sure to do it in a well-ventilated area, and dispose of the bleach properly. I killed mold on my parents house with what was left in the spray bottle.


Gettin' Fancy with a FAMAS

I recently got a new camera, and needed to test out some of it's advanced features. Depth of field, a new FAMAS, and of course, tiger stripe.


Amature Jewelry-making

I made this as a Christmas present for a friend, following an excellent tutorial by MrBalleng on Instructables. It was well received, and sure looks snazzy! I have not worked much with metal, so this was a nice change of pace with a good result.