RAID-Mod BDUs for sale?

 I'm a big fan of the cut of old-school BDUs, but I like the functionality of the pocket placement on ACUs. I have modded my Tiger Stripe BDUs to combine these good bits, resulting in what is known as a "RAID-modded" uniform. I am looking into selling these uniforms, perhaps on Etsy. Vote in the poll at the end of this post to let me know if this effort would be worth it.
 As you can see, the vertical pockets have been moved from the front, to angled chest and arm pockets. These are full velcro, ensuring your ID or other items will stay secure.
 The arm pockets also have pull tabs, and velcro for flags.  So I would like you to ask yourself, how much would you pay for a set of BDUs like this? They would be available, made to order, in a variety of camouflage colors, in any size you need. These uniforms cost at least $25 in materials alone, plus my time.

Please, take a minute and vote in the poll in the sidebar, so I can gauge interest.