Tiger Stripe RAID BDU mod

I have recently picked up a pair of Tiger Stripe BDUs. In short, I love them (Link sends you to my local camo test). They are perfect for my area, at this time of year. During the same trip, I picked up some ACUs in Multicam, also known as "my other love". While wearing the ACUs I realized the benefits of the ACU cut, mostly in the pockets of the shirt. I decided my Tiger Stripe BDUs needed to be RAID modded - That is, the chest pockets are moved to the arms at a slant, and the lower pockets are moved to the chest, also at a slant. This allows the wearer to more easily access items in the pockets, even while wearing a tactical vest or plate carrier. It also looks pretty cool. So I fired up the sewing machine, stayed up all night, and got it done.

For those of you unfamiliar with BDUs, above is a picture of a normal 3 Color Desert BDU jacket (Also known as the DCU, if you want to get nit-picky).
 This is my RAID-mod Tiger BDUs. Like I said, chest pockets on the shoulders, and lower pockets now on the chest.
 Close up of the chest pocket. The pattern is so involved that from a distance you cannot even see the pockets! I retained the buttons rather than adding velcro, for the sake of noise control.
 There's an arm pocket. Great stuff.
 Both chest pockets, in the mirror.
 Here you can see how easy it is to put your hand in. It is an improvement over the vertical pockets.
 Shoulder pockets not only look really sweet, but they are useful while wearing chest rigs and the like. This is just for airsoft, so it will likely end up holding a map, or my keys.
 Rolled sleeves, white side out. Bottom of the pocket just tucks under the roll.
 Rolled sleeves, patterned side out. Overall, I am quite pleased. It took me much longer than I expected to finish this project, but I learned a great deal. If I were to do it again, I would likely be able to do it more quickly. These BDUs are 100% cotton ripstop - I find it easier to work with slightly heavier fabric. Another option would also be to pay $15 or so to get the local tailor or dry-cleaner to fix it up. Depending on how much free time you have, it might be worth that to you.

So what are your thoughts? Leave a comment!