Ghillie Comparisons

I have always been very proud of my second ghillie suit... But my first ghillie suit hardly earns a mention. I decided to finally offer picture proof of my improvement.
 On the right is the second suit, and the left is the first suit. The jute is far too dark green, and with a blue tinge to it. In an attempt to resurrect the first suit years ago after it was created, I tied a large quantity of jute to it, without bothering to dye it, or separate the strands. As a result, the suit actually looked worse.
Here is a meager trial against the closest bit of local vegetation. The first suit is too dark and blue, while the second looks more appropriate. Click on the pictures for bigger ones, as always.

The second suit is more military style, with garnish only on the arms, back and hood. The first suit is a hunter style suit, including garnish on the front, back, arms and hood. It should be noted that the hood of the first ghillie is a true hood, and is not attached to a hat. Because of this, it is incredibly difficult to keep the hood on. A Flecktarn uniform was used for Ghillie v1.0, which would usually have been a good base. Unfortunately, my poor attempt at ghillie-making erased any edge the pattern could have provided. An ill-conceived mud bath also added to the intense weight of the first suit. It does not include pants, but weighs nearly twice as much as my second suit. For in-use pictures of the newest ghillie, click here. I generally keep the old ghillie hidden away in my garage, so if you are in the market for a cheaper ghillie, drop me a line in the comments, with contact info.

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