Camo Tests - M81 Woodland, Truspec Tiger Stripe, Multicam

Today was a bit slow, so I decided to make a run to my local Army Surplus store. "Local" is a bit of a lie, I probably drove about 40 miles one way. I have had an itch for Tiger Stripe camo for a few months now, and decided to finally fulfill that desire. I was also in the market for Multicam, as well as ACU-authorized combat boots. I wanted everything cut like BDUs, rather than ACU style. I ended up driving back home with a lead on some boots (If anyone has suggestions, please leave them in the comments), a full set of Tru-Spec 100% Cotton Tiger Stripe BDUs, and a Tru-Spec Multicam shirt. When I got home, I went for a walk, bringing my BDUs, as well as a camera.
Left is a surplus Woodland BDU jacket, middle is the Tiger Stripe, and Multicam is on the left. I live in a pine forest, and these pictures were taken about an hour before sundown in mid spring. This is by no means a professional test, but for the casual airsofter it will serve just fine. At five feet, the Tiger Stripe is the least noticeable of the bunch.

 About five paces away, the Multicam appears too light, Woodland is holding it's own, and the tiger stripe is still in the lead.
A few more paces back, the same is true. The woodland pattern works very well in this area. The tan in it seems to be out of place during the spring, but as a more all-season pattern it works well. Looking at these pictures after the fact, it seems like I should use more than one test location for a more legitimate study. The tiger stripe has the same coloration as the woodland BDUs, however the tan is only used sparingly, to contrast the black stripes. This dark pattern fits wonderfully with the dark tree behind it. The multicam appears out of place. From the end of summer to the winter, it would blend nicely with the dead foliage. 
This last shot is from 80-100 feet away. The tiger stripe is invisible, the woodland is barely noticable, and the multicam remains too light. My next skirmish will definitely be in my new tiger stripe BDUs.

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  1. Nice test but put those Tigers, Woodland, and Multicams in the under growth and see which one comes out on top then.