Punk Pant Friday

Faced with $20 to blow and 2 hours to kill, I decided that I needed crazy, crazy orange cargo pants, the likes the Psychos wear in Borderlands. I am a big fan of their crazed aggressive style. If you are unfamiliar with the videogame Borderlands, I would highly encourage you to buy a copy. It's about $20 on Steam, last I checked.
A quick stop at my local Goodwill store turned up a pair of light tan cargo pants, for about $6. They ended up being about 3 inches shorter than marked, unfortunately... I don't know if they were modified, or if they just have a different fit than the pants I'm used to. At any rate, another stop at Walmart resulted in 3 packs of RIT dye, for about $7. I personally prefer the liquid dye because it is resealable, but only the red was available in liquid form. An old camping pot was used for my ghillie suit burlap dye, and has now been designated mine for any sort of misadventures.Water was put in the pot, the pants were dunked in hot water, and then dye and a cup of salt were added. The water was brought to a boil, and stirred. A pinch of yellow, an entire packet of "Sunshine Orange", and a plop of "Scarlett Red". The pants were left to soak for about an hour, stirring every few minutes.
Once removed, the pants were orange - Very orange. You can see the steam coming off them in this picture. The steam cloud was quite impressive, and persisted almost five minutes.
After the pants cooled off a little, and drained most of the excess water I laid them on some rocks outside for a picture. After this picture, they were left to hang in a tree overnight - a highly technical drying process. In the morning they were still moist, and were put back in the tree for 7 or 8 hours. Finally I threw them in the dryer, which worked wonders on them.
Here they are compared to my BDUs. The hot water may have shrunk them a tiny bit, even though they were already quite short. The BDUs have a good inch or two on them. To combat this, I unhemmed the bottom, and restitched it after letting out about two inches of fabric. In the following picture, they're tucked into the top of my boots.
As many people have said, "They're prison pants". I want to completely punk them out like the Psychos, adding dirt, mud, stains, rips, patches, and of course knee pads and a holster over the top. They fit reasonably well, and seem like they will work for the intended purpose.

Also, the title of this post is a reference to an event at my highschool. The "Popular" kids would roll up their jeans on Fridays, and called them "Punk pants". I was highly disappointed it didn't involve Tripp pants.