New Ghillie Pictures

I managed to go out to the woods with a DSLR-toting friend and my ghillie suit, and we got some decent pictures. They're mostly from quite close, under 20 feet, with very little vegetation in the net.

That's the back of the suit. There are some pine needles stuffed in there, done quickly so that we could be done before sundown. You can see a bit of the veil poking out from under the hood... That's why it's important to have someone sort of help you set your suit up, in my opinion.
From close up, it blends reasonably well. Imagine this at 50 or 100 feet! I'd be invisible.
I kind of crawled around a little, too. I have my hands tucked up in the hood. The hood is oversized, so when you go prone there is a pocket of air around your face. I use black fingerless gloves for now, and they seem to do the trick reasonably well.
I know it isn't terribly difficult to spot me in this picture, but if you were casually walking along in the woods, it definitely would not stick out.

Up next time, pictures with a cammed up rifle.

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  1. Perhaps lying prone would be more effective for disguise?