For the record it's actually a ghillie suit, the second I've created.
This is the most recent picture I have, taken at an airsoft game. Unfortunately, it's a cell phone picture. A standard set of BDUs was taken, and net was hand-sewn to the back of the shirt, top of arms, and back of pants. No padding has been added to the front yet, and I failed to cut a hole for mesh in the back as I had intended to, to aid with air circulation. In Houston heat, any cooling modifications are a good idea. The night before this picture was taken, I used a spray bottle full of rit dye to darken the jute a little. The rest of the pictures were taken a day or two before, and still have the lighter stuff.
A few little pieces of grass and some sticks were added in the way of natural foliage. Because of the net, branches and plants can be weaved into the suit. The more natural stuff, the better. This was just my first actual ghillie excursion, so I failed to add as much as I should have. It's a learning process. Note that the way I cut the hood, it can be flipped back like a hoodie. It's not attached to the jacket, so it can be worn by itself if the need arises. Alternatively, I could use it to conceal a backpack, or rifle.
My hands stick out pretty badly. You'll notice that in the first picture I am wearing black fingerless gloves, to remedy this situation. Green fingerless gloves are the next project on the sewing machine.
Just laying on the ground, waiting for branches. It's been darkened since. I've been advised to go roll in a mud puddle, which I hope to take care of after the next rain.
Not the right shade for the front lawn. I sewed elastic bands to the cuff to work as thumb loops. They work like a charm. I need to do something similar for the legs, as they have a tendency to ride up if I crawl backwards. I could use the ties in the bottom of the BDUs... Hm...

Overall, this suit works for me. It's not as "high speed" as it could be, due to the jute length, but I like it. This is by no means the pinnacle of concealment tech, this is just a novelty project for the occasional airsoft or paintball game.