Double H '08

Double H Scout Ranch is a lesser-known cousin of Philmont, coordinated by the same people. I had the opportunity to go on a trek at Double H, and took it. I'm quite glad I did, it was a grand adventure. Apparently hunters pay enormous amounts of money to hunt out there. Jeff Foxworthy and Chuck Norris were two names that stuck out to me.
I used that as a background for a while.
Our navigator walked right past this sign, and thought we were at a different camp - A camp twelve miles further down the gully. He lost his job as navigator. Martin ranch was a great place to stay, only a four mile hike from the last camp. The two things I liked about it: Concrete floor, and water you did not need to filter and sterilize. .50 Cal black powder shooting and archery made for interesting day activities, and homemade ice cream won Martin Ranch the "best meal" award.
Fence behind the port-o-pots at Martin Ranch.
Last day's hike began early. 4:45 AM, to be exact. This was a nice picture of the sun coming over a hill.
"Cock Rock". Or, "Lollypop Rock" to your parents.
You can see the rain coming for miles. This was on the way down from Sentinel peak, home of the infamous Repeater (Signal amplifier for the radios).
The Repeater Tower actually works like a radio itself, a big sheet metal box squawks out any transmissions received. Scared the hell out of me.
Wildflowers for my mum. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.
In a fight between heavy leather boots and a cactus, you will need medical attention.
These pictures fail to capture the immense sense of scale. The terrain was fairly varied, but on the top of a small hill or peak, you can see for miles on end. The rain can be seen coming miles away. Back in Houston, the sky would seem to go on grey forever. At Double H, you can see hills off in the distance where the Sun shines through, like this picture.
There were some Indian "Cave drawings" here.
I was thoroughly displeased. Five miles out of the way for this.
These were TINY, and almost impossible to see, as well as ten feet above ground level.p1010167.jpg
Things do not always seem to connect. Clear sky, red light from the sun coming over a mountain out of sight.

There are more pictures available HERE. Be sure to click "Originals" to see the rest. There are also a few nifty panoramas from the top of the Repeater and Martin Hill.

I hope you enjoyed this. It has been almost a year since I went to Double H, so my memory of each day is too blurry to type here. If you ever have the chance to go, jump on it.

Aftermath of Katrina

Looking through old pictures, I found a folder full of post-Katrina New Orleans pictures. These were taken Christmas Eve, 2005.

All of these pictures are unedited, exactly as I took them in 2005. You might notice the quality is horrible - Keep coming back to my blog, so I can get money for a new camera.
I believe this was near one of the levees that failed, note the exposed supports behind the houses. One of my family members lived right in front of the levee that broke.
Enormous piles of dirt, trash, and filth months later.
I liked this picture.
The rare sight of the top of a gas station.
There were signs on everything. "Home demolition", "We remove trees", anything like that.

The rest of the gallery is HERE.

Damn Skippy!

I used to dig through old computers to see the snazzy insides, and them put them back together differently. I was in sixth grade, if I remember correctly. Who cares about the story, here are a few nifty pictures:
This PC was actually known as "Skippy" for about five years. It has served admirably, holding eight gigs of music, and made enormous Worms World Party LAN matches possible.
I tought myself how to disassemble, reassemble, and install Linux (Slax was the first distro I tried, then Ubuntu. Later I started using Knoppix).
The motherboard was just left on the floor, for about two months. Worked just fine.