Elliot Salem mask

The Army of Two masks are hardcore. I have never even played the game, and I am utterly blown away.

Upon seeing various movies and pictures of them, I decided I needed one for myself. "I can use it for airsoft", I kept telling myself. Looking for a .pdo (Pepakura) file, I only found one iteration. It was underwhelming, to be polite. Using some pictures from XMDRay at The Army of Two Costuming Forum I was able to make a passable 3d model, convert to a .pdo file, which I will share with you now. Presenting:
Download Link 

Anyone with a better place to host this file, please contact me. Link it to your friends, share it. Just give me credit for making the model.

Edit 1/26/2011: Due to the efforts of some of the members of Youtube, this post has taken off! I've gotten several thousand hits, and numerous emails asking for instructions. At the original time of this posting, I hadn't expected for it to be so popular, and only shared with those among the costuming community. I have been proven wrong. Below is a quick "How-to" to get any curious Army of Two costumers on the right track:

  1. You need to download Pepakura Viewer, or Pepakura Designer. This is software that allows you to view, edit (to a degree), and print the individual polygons of a 3d model on cardstock. Get that, and install it.
  2. Download the file at the link above. Once Pepakura Designer or Viewer is installed, you can open ".PDO" files, just like the link above.
  3. Once you've opened the file, you can simply print it. I would suggest cardstock, or heavyweight paper.
  4. Cut out the shapes.
  5. Match the numbers, and glue them together.
  6. Papier-mâché, Fiberglass, plasticoat, or simply paint your mask to your own personal taste. I have even reinforced a simple cardstock mask with chicken wire and cardboard for a school project. I won't go into detail on exactly how to do this bit, but you can find detailed tutorials on websites like The 405th, Instructables, etc.
I investigated a few of the youtube videos, and saw some pretty cool builds based off my helmet design. Please, post your finished work here! Email me a picture! I'd love to see them. Happy costuming!